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A Call to Action

Deanwood G.R.O.W.

is a community and citizen-centered campaign designed to raise awareness of Ward 7 creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who contribute to DC’s overall creative economy. Deanwood G.R.O.W. also features and highlights ward 7 events, stories and history.  Find out more

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Calendar of events


Ward 7 creatives and entrepreneurs are shining all across the city. Check out these events and more to support our homegrown talent.


Ward 7 Artists All across the City


Kokayi, Ward 7 Artist Live and Direct @ the Kennedy Center - Reach


Art All Night in Deanwood


Minnesota Ave Main Streets - Art All night Celebration

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Marvin Bowser, Ward 7 Artist



Marvin Gaye. Crystal Room Nightclub. Nyjia Jones. Suburban Gardens, James Terrell. Amber Mimz. E.A.T. Ward 7 Arts Collaborative. KOKAYI. Lynn Horton. Sentator Theater. Eugene Brown. Suburban Market. Kelli Anderson. MLK DELI. Dave Brown Liquors. Penny Brew. Zandra Chestnut. The Strand Theater. Chesapeake Bagel and Bakery. Dean Ave. Cleaners. Shrimp Boat. Chef’s Table.

WARD 7 is home to a long list of visual artists, filmmakers, architects, chefs, musicians, authors, designers, business owners and places that have greatly impacted the community’s growth for well over a decade.

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Great artists suffer for the people
— Marvin Gaye